Monday, October 15, 2012

A small update

Well, it looks like I will not be published to terribly soon. The short story I had submitted was rejected by the publisher. The specific reason mine was rejected was not given, but most likely it was because they were looking more for stories focusing on a wider range of ethnicity, sexuality, and gender identities. I guess I could have gone a bit more in some of those directions, at least so far as race or made the main character a man which would have added a bit of a different layer. I was short on time though, and some of that was just out of the area that I write. The only part that really annoys me though, is that for the kickstarter I pledged at the higher level to get the physical copy of the book encase I was in it. Seems less appealing now, but oh well. I will just post the story with some of my other erotica.

On a more hopeful note, I am working on the outline for my writing project for National Novel Writing Month in November. I have decided to make Fland and Elarr from The Depths of Despair the main characters. The plot still needs fleshed out, but I am confident I will have something come November 1st.

The last little note is that I hope to have at least one or two posts this week with a bit more interest than just news.

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