Thursday, September 20, 2012

All the News

So I have a few little bits of news to update those that follow along. Its been a very, very, VERY busy few weeks for me. I had hoped to have a few more things up this month, but while time is infinite, I am highly finite. Still, much has been done and will be done yet.

The first is that I am trying to get published again. I really meant to update on this one sooner, but was to busy doing the writing. This time in an anthology of geeky erotica called Geek Love. I have written erotica in the past, but generally keep that separate from my other writing. Since I'm hoping it may be my first published work, I thought it warranted a mention here. 

The story itself is about a researcher that develops robotic hands that can be controlled with a neurolink. Of course, sometimes we want things that we are not willing to say out loud...and that can have interesting results when there is a swarm of cybernetic appendages that will act out your true will. 

I have to offer a very special thanks to my supporters that helped me focused and did proof reading for me. If you are interested, here is the link to the Kickstarter. Sign up for print please. If they get pledges for 500 print copies they will add 100 pages, which helps increase the likely hood that I will be selected. 

The next big news is that I will be trying to write an entire 50,000 word novel in November for National Novel Writing Month! Obviously that is going to be a major time drain. Expect some updates and excerpts here during that time. I will be doing the outline in October, but right now I am trying to settle on what to write. 

I have a few ideas bouncing around. For a while I was thinking of doing an urban fantasy novel about a werewolf that I've had in my head for a while. I am not very familiar with that genre though, so I'm thinking I might be ahead to wait on it. I really should read some of those Anita Blake novels. Another big idea was to actually write a book about an EMT. I've wanted to do one of those. Most recently though, is an idea of writing a novel about Fland and Elarr. I'm certain that a few of their fans would be happy with that.

Speaking of Fland and Elarr, I plan to have the final chapter in Depths of Despair up by the end of this month if it kills me (and it just might). I had planned to follow with a few periodic shorts about them while focusing in on a few new stories. However, if they are selected to be my focus for National Novel Writing Month, those ideas will likely be merged with the forth coming story.

Finally, a little note on what is to come in the future. The next big story I plan to do will be of the Superhero genre. I have several to introduce, but the one that will have a big story arc is Night Raider (though the name is still subject to change). He is a police officer that is forced to become a vigilante after being framed by some corrupt officers. 

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