Sunday, February 19, 2012

So it starts... I start my journey into the unholy internet underworld of blogging. I decided to do this as a way to showcase some of my writing. At least once a month, and I'll try for twice or more, I plan to post little short stories. I hope to eventually have sample chapters of books I'm work on. You will also get occasional doses of philosophy and random thoughts, though mostly pertaining to writing and gaming.

What you can expect is a to see plenty of sci-fi and fantasy. Those are my favorite genres and where I tend to work. There will be oneshots, but expect reoccurring characters here and there. Don't be surprised if things seem disjointed, I may use characters a few ways to experiment with different styles or try out new types of scenes. I'm looking to explore a bit beyond my traditional play grounds though. I'll maybe step outside of space opera and sword & sorcery for a bit of steam punk and urban fantasy. There will even be some forays into other subjects as well. I'm curious about how people would respond to stories about about a superhero in the middle east or a day in the life of an EMT.

In the end, I suppose it all depends on how devoted I am to getting it all written. That is part of what this experiment is: motivation. It gives me a goal and when I get stuck on something I can just work on a story for here while I break through the writers block. An important piece of advice I once got was "just write" because if you don't do that, then you definitely won't get anything done.

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